Snowflake Appeal

About our appeal

Right now thousands of young children are experiencing hardship or tragedy through no fault of their own.

Many families need support to get through some very tough times and this is where Home-Start can help. Sometimes we are their last chance.

You can raise money any time you like for the Snowflake Appeal®. But we go big on it from 1 November to 31 January each year. You will help us reach thousands of children across the UK.

Three year old Daisy, seven year old Thomas and teenagers Lucy and Zoe were on the child protection register when their mum Becky was referred to Home-Start.

Becky suffers from severe mental health problems that make it difficult for her to cope sometimes, so Home-Start worker Naomi spends around two hours per week at the family’s home. She helps Becky attend medical appointments, make calls to pay bills and supports her through crises - like when her brother was sent to prison. Naomi has also helped Becky develop her parenting skills, introduce routines and set boundaries for her children.

Since Home-Start support began, Daisy has gained confidence and now goes to nursery and Thomas now has a 100% school attendance record. Lucy and Zoe, who had been truanting regularly, do so much less frequently and are generally better behaved.

Both Thomas and Daisy and are no longer considered 'at risk', while Lucy has been moved down to the child in need register. There is still a long way to go for these vulnerable children, but through supporting their mum to be a good parent, Home-Start has changed their lives.

To support children like Daisy, Thomas, Lucy and Zoe please support our Snowflake Appeal by making a donation today.