Joseph was born prematurely, in a complex birth. For the next six weeks he refused to drink and became dehydrated. Finally after seeing five different consultants at two different hospitals, he was diagnosed with Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disorder. The treatment was 24 hour care and to be fed through a tube in his nose.

Before he was allowed home, Joseph's mum, Jackie was trained to administer the tubes that kept him alive, operate pumps, prepare special feeds and give four different types of medication. She says, “I had stopped being Joseph’s mum and turned into his nurse. Normal mums can simply cuddle and enjoy their babies; I had to keep mine alive.”

One day a concerned nurse referred her to Home-Start and a volunteer began visiting to provide  extra support that Jackie - who was also looking after her older son, Jack - desperately needed.

Jackie adds, “What incredible, selfless and considerate people.  So far, we have had two wonderful volunteers, Julie and Lisa, who give their time so willingly and enthusiastically. They helped me become a mum again to Joseph and not just his ‘nurse’. Joseph and I will always be eternally grateful.”

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