When a child loses a parent or member of their family, when they face severe illness, or disability, when their mother has postnatal depression, when their father loses his job and spirals into debt and mental illness or alcohol abuse, when they are living in poor or unsuitable housing conditions or their family is threatened with losing their home... Home-Start's volunteers want to be there for them – to help them and their whole family until they are able to cope again.

Over the last 40 years Home-Start has helped give more than one million children a better start in life. Last year we managed to support more than 60,000 children in 30,000 families throughout the UK.

Last year we had to turn away thousands who needed our support, because we simply didn't have the funds to help them.

If you could do something for the 2017 Snowflake Appeal it will help us reach so many more.

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