How can I become a charity trustee?

Home-Start staff and volunteers make life better for nearly 7,000 children every year in Scotland by helping their families give them the best possible start in life.

None of this is possible without our trustees – thoughtful and skilled professionals who are prepared to share and develop their leadership skills and business expertise by becoming charity trustees.

What skills do I need to be a trustee?

Home-Start UK Scotland asked local Home-Start boards about the impact they have on families across Scotland through their roles, and the unexpected benefits to volunteering their time and skills to a board.

The answers were surprising: all of our trustees feel they’ve gained more than they’ve given by working with Home-Start. What skills do you think you could develop as a trustee?

Find out more about becoming a trustee

If you want to become a trustee for a local Home-Start find their details.

Find out more about becoming a trustee.