Home-Starts in Scotland have helped more families than ever in 2019. In the last 5 years, we have reached 45% more families – that’s 3,496 families, with 6,672 children – all being supported by our local community network of 1,511 volunteers and expert staff.

The impact report also shows that:

  • 94% of families feel less isolated
  • 94% of families are more able to manage their children’s behaviour
  • 94% of parents are more able to cope with their own mental health

As well as supporting more families than ever, Home-Starts in Scotland are supporting families through increasingly difficult times. From rising poverty and social isolation to stretched mental health and social services, the support that Home-Starts offer is more adaptive than ever.

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Rachel, Manager at Home-Start Stirling, explains why Home-Start is the best service to support families who are on the edge.