Coping with a child who has a long-term illness or a physical disability can be a life-changing experience. And parents who are dealing with their own or their partners' medical condition can find life a real challenge. That’s why Home-Start steps in.

Our volunteers may be able to support you. If you have just received a diagnosis, are attending hospital appointments, or are looking for financial help for medical equipment or to adapt your home - you work out with us how we can help you best.

A trip on a motorbike left dad of three, Steve, with serious disabilities and in need of intensive rehabilitation to learn basic skills. His wife, Hayley, tells the family's story:

In Cambridgeshire, Ruth and Mark were trying to deal with their daughter and three younger triplets - two of whom had serious undiagnosed health problems:

Other families' stories:

Steve - "Getting to the shops for a pint of milk was almost an impossible task until Home-Start came along"

To find out if Home-Start has a volunteer available to help you, contact your local Home-Start.

Also look at our how we help and common questions pages for more information.