Families struggle with finances for many reasons.  Whether you are trying to cope with an unexpected job loss or redundancy, trying to find the pennies to keep the house warm enough for your sick child, or wondering where to find the cash for specialist mobility equipment - we may be able to help.

You may have been made redundant, be long term unemployed, work hard at two or more jobs and still can’t make ends meet, or have debt problems. Many Home-Starts around the country help parents to budget and manage their money more effectively. They are also able to put you in touch with other local organisations who will be able to offer advice and support with your money.

From helping attend meetings with Citizens Advice or the benefits office to working with families to find grants that help ease the financial burden of coping with disability or illness, Home-Start volunteers are making a difference to families like yours.  

Home-Start's partnership with Turn2us and Child Poverty Action Group has helped families like Andrea's.  Her middle son, George, has multiple health issues.  Andrea said, "This is the first time in nine years that anyone has sat with me and helped me find money to help us out". This is her story.

To find out if Home-Start has a volunteer available to help you, contact your local Home-Start.

Also, look at our how we help and common questions pages for more information.