Mothers and fathers are acutely aware of the impact of their relationship breakdown on their children - and in most cases do everything they can to make their new family arrangements work but it's never easy.  

You don't need to struggle alone to give your children a good start in life - especially if you are trying to cope after a separation, divorce, or after leaving an abusive relationship.

Rosie's story in this film shows how her Home-Start volunteer helped her and her children learn to live and trust again after leaving a particularly abusive relationship.

Thankfully not all stories family circumstances are as severe as Rosie's story.  You may just need help to get through your own bad patch, or to help you cope with the isolation and emotional turmoil after the end of your relationship.  If you are struggling, get in touch to see if we have a volunteer available to help you, or if there is a family group you can join. Find your nearest Home-Start here.

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