Family pressures can sometimes be difficult to manage without emotional support and guidance around you.

As well as volunteers who visit you in your home, many Home-Starts also run groups to provide further support, as well as social connection, for parents. 

Many Home-Starts run groups based around activities for babies and children. These can be a chance for children to learn, play and have fun with other children, as well as an opportunity for parents to meet others who are going through the same kind of experience.

Some Home-Starts also run specialist support groups to help parents with specific issues. These vary from Home-Start to Home-Start but may include:

  • Groups for mums or dads dealing with mental health issues
  • Groups for lone parents
  • Support with breast feeding
  • Activities aimed at combatting isolation
  • Teen parents
  • Twins, triplets and more.

Since Covid-19, many Home-Starts also run online groups as a way to provide support and so that families can meet people in similar situations. 

All groups are organised according to local need, so contact your local Home-Start to find out what they offer. 

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Attending a group can be a great place for parents to pick up advice, tips and help from Home-Start and other parents.

Our trained staff and volunteers will also be on hand to make sure groups are a safe space for you to share experiences and receive peer support.

Home-Starts may organise occasional group outings, or other activities, that bring local families together.

Quote from a parent about attending Home-Start groups:

“I was at my wits end, terrified to leave the house and so lonely inside and out. Now, I can’t wait to get to the group every Wednesday. I find it difficult to ask for help, but Tracy went at my pace and didn’t push me. She supported me until I was ready.”

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