Being a parent isn’t always easy, especially when it can feel like there is so much advice available and it doesn’t always say the same thing.

We have a number of Home-Start resources available to help you navigate your way through different experiences. Check out our Tips For Parents pages where you will find information, tips, videos and links for specialist help on a range of topics including:

Even before they are born, your baby is getting to know you. Find out more about bonding with your unborn child.

Taking care of you when you have a baby. Just as airline passengers are told to put their own oxygen masks on before assisting others, a new parent has to make time for themselves.

Your baby’s tears. Crying is how your baby communicates with you. Find out more about what to expect.

Long before your baby talks, they start having conversations with you. By responding you can help your baby’s brain to build.

Find out more about your baby’s sleep.

1 in 5 women experience maternal mental health issues, find out more about the conditions and where to get support.

What do we mean by infant mental health and how can parent-infant relationships help ensure good outcomes?

Managing childhood curiosity when between the ages of three and four children can ask as many as 40,000 questions as they try to make sense of the world

Learning from toddler tantrums, to help you and your child learn how to manage emotions during this challenging period.

The number of words children hear in their early years can impact development in later life. Find household based ideas for encouraging language development.  

Activity ideas for children for those times when coming up with games to play at home with children can be hard

Ideas for helping your child prepare to start or return to school.

The loss of a loved one can be a confusing time for a child. Find some guidance here.

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